52 Ancestors #23 – June Weddings

I’ve been lax on my 52 Ancestors posts – I’ve been busy working on projects for clients, so I guess that’s a good thing.  Anyway, I thought this one would be easy – “June Weddings” – why do I always think that?  I have a large collection of beautiful wedding photos from my paternal side and seeing that June is the favored month for weddings, I dug in to look.  Surprise, surprise – nothing in the Aprils, Mays, Januarys, and finally … the elusive June wedding!

Oscar Anderson Irene Johnson wedding
from personal collection

This is my grand aunt, Anna Irene Margaret Johnson and her husband Oscar Theodore Anderson on their wedding day June 16, 1920.  I found it interesting that in the 1920 census, Oscar was listed as a farm hand on the Johnson farm!  Her parents must have vetted him very well and obviously liked his potential. I like the details that pictures can add to a story.  His face seems to be more tan than his forehead – a sign of a farmer for sure!  Her huge bouquet of roses, ferns, and ribbons match the ribbons on her dress and that style of veil is so unusual – wonder if that was in vogue, or if it was of Norwegian style?  (They were Norwegian-Americans)  Her hair looks to be bobbed in the 1920s style – how chic! I’ll continue to look for more June wedding photos this week to add to this post – thanks for reading!