Wandering Wednesday: House on a Hill

Join me each Wednesday as I wander about the historical realm and examine what catches my eye!

I pass this house each day on my way to and from my kids’ school and it always catches my eye – something about they way it looks older than the other houses on each corner and how it is set up on a hill.

image via Google maps
image via Google maps

So it wasn’t built before 1875, as I checked my trusty Compton & Dry, next on to the city directories – 1891 listed a Henry Koch, clerk at Ely& Walker Dry Goods, as residing here, 1885 also listed Henry Koch, clerk at Crow, Hargadine & Co., and the 1883 directory also named Henry Koch as residing at this property.  Now who was this Henry Koch?

Henry Koch Book of St. Louisans 1912
via Marquis, Albert N., The Book of St. Louisans, 1912

It’s interesting to me that he is with the Missouri Cotton Yarn company as I am an avid crocheter!

A quick search of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch brought these to light:

3000 Russell
16 Sep 1884
3000 Russell 1888
11 May 1888
3000 Russell 1890
22 Oct 1890

My surface scan of a few hours didn’t turn up if Mr. Koch actually was the first owner of the house, or who did build it, but it’s certainly nice to have a more personal connection when I greet this house on my daily routine.  See you next week for more wanderings!