Neighbor’s heart trouble

So a few days ago, my neighbor called to ask me if I would let their dog in/out of the house when his son goes in for a heart procedure.  After talking a bit, he lamented that he and his sons all have heart trouble and his doctor didn’t know his family history.  He has told me before about being adopted, and that he had some contact with his birth family.  Being on the computer, connected to, I asked again about what info he knew about his birth family.  He gave me his mother’s name, his brother and sisters’ names, and his father’s name.  Within minutes of typing his info, his mother’s obituary popped up.  It gave the names of her parents and her sisters – more family!  Needless to say, he wanted a copy of the obit and I’m now working on a family tree for his Christmas present (shhhhh).  Amazing stuff!