American Loyalist Claims – Lodewick Syphers, my 5th ggpa

I’ve written about my Dutch ancestors of Sleepy Hollow and how they were prominent settlers of the Tarrytown/Poughkeepsie area in the late 16- early 1700s.  That side is named ‘Storm’ and here is my mother and I during our trip to Sleepy Hollow last year repping the family crypt: (it was around Halloween and the cemetery was quite busy, headless horseman and all you know…)

But today’s story is about the descendant side of Petronella ‘Nelle’ Storm, granddaughter of the above Dirck Storm, and her marriage to William Syphers (sometimes seen as Cyphers, as in my other post) around 1732.

Their son, Lodywyck, (Lodewick, Lodewyck (etc., etc.,) was born in 1737, married at the Reformed Dutch Church in Hackensack, NY, in 1770 and then fled to New Brunswick as a Loyalist.  I’ve really been fascinated with this part, wanting to know the reasoning and the drama, I’m sure it was quite horrible.  It’s made a great story too, telling people that my Dutch ancestors were Loyalists and fled to Canada and settled a place off the Saint John River called “Syphers Cove” (yes it’s still there – need to plan a visit!)

Saint John River near Fredericton, photo courtesy of Canoe New Brunswick

So today, I just decided to revisit ye olde Syphers side on my family tree to see if there was any new info to be found, when up popped up the “American Loyalist Claims” for Lodewick Sypher.  Amazing!

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament to inquire into the Losses and Services of the American Loyalists.

–The Memorial of Lodewick Sypher late of the Province of New York but now of Nova Scotia


That your Memorialist was ever uniformly and steadily attached to His Majesty’s Person, and the British Government, and was opposed to the measures of the American Congress.  That he joined the Royal Army in 1776 and rendered them every service in his power for the suppression of the Rebellions and the reestablishment of the British Government in America.

That in 1770 he was attainted by a Law of the State of New York – for having joined the British Army, and, his Property an account and appraisement of which is herewith presented, was Confiscated, Sold, and applied to the use of the State.

That your Memorialist has thereby lost his <underlined>all and is reduced to great Want, and Distress, and by the unfortunate determination of the Rebellion, he has been obliged to leave his Native Country, and has removed to Nova Scotia.  In full confidence that he will there have extended to him the benefit of the late Act of Parliament for the Relief of the American Loyalists.  He prays that you will take his case into consideration in order that he may be enabled under your report to recieve such aid, and relief, as his Losses and Services may be found to deserve.  He further prays that time may be allowed him to produce further Proofs of the Facts contained in this Memorial of also of his losses by the Rebellion.

–Lodewick Sypher, by his attorney, Isaac Ogden

Newman Street No. 64

19 March 1784

So this gives a bit more info – I’d like to find out where their land was, and what occupation Lodewick followed, etc.  He stayed in Nova Scotia up to his death in 1822, when one of his sons, William Syphers, moved a few miles west into Houlton, Maine and my line continued from there.  That line became Mormon which makes for another interesting story that needs much more research…

Until then.

12 thoughts on “American Loyalist Claims – Lodewick Syphers, my 5th ggpa

  1. Looks like some of your ancestors covered the same ground as mine. It would well be worth the trip to Saint Johns and Nova Scotia. My wife and made it two years ago and had a great time.

    1. Cara Jensen, historical researcher

      Were yours Loyalists as well? If they were, have you found any more documentation about any claims they would have made and/or any land that they lost? I would love to hear more about your Nova Scotia trip – I’m sure the Fall season would be beautiful!

  2. Yes I had some loyalist ancestors who ended up in Digby, N.S. They have been well researched by others years ago and documentation was easy to find. They were granted land just outside of Digby and generations grew up there with some still in the area. I think you will have a great time on your trip. The loyalist are well thought of. Here is a link (I hope) to a post I wrote about our trip to Digby. It may give you an idea about the place.

  3. Jodi Smith

    I don’t know if this will get to the person that posted this, but my mother was a Sypher (she passed in 95). Her family’s property, Sypher’s Cove & a graveyard is still there. My mother, Anne Marion Smith (Sypher), was raised in Fredericton New Brunswick by her parents, Harold & Doris Sypher. Anyway there is a Ludwick Sypher’s grave, at Syphers Cove Cemetery. It is showing from July 4 1864 – Jan 22 1897. Perhaps some relation to a Purssea Sypher but no sure. I have lists of names & some pictures if you would like of burials there.

    My mother also told me that she was part Greek & Dutch. I always believed the Greek was from the Sypher side so I am now confused from your post. She also told me the our ancestors came here on the Mayflower. I am also trying to figure out who my Grandfather’s father was. I believe he is buried at the cemetery too but I don’t know for sure which one is my great grandfather. I would love more information.

    My name is Jodi Smith. I hope to hear back from you.

    1. Cara Jensen, genealogist & historical researcher

      I’d love to talk further about this – one of my goals is to visit Syphers Cove and New Brunswick! I added you to my family tree – we’re 6th cousins once removed! Our connection diverges way back to the sons of Lodewick and Sarah Tompkins – mine was from William and yours from John Tompkins. I believe the Syphers were mainly Dutch – at least in my lines from Lodewick and Sarah Tompkins there is no Greek, perhaps there is some in your pedigree. Wouldn’t it be fun to put together a Syphers family reunion – are there many left that would be up to host such a thing in Fredericton? Oh, from what I found just quickly running through our connections, your grandfather’s (Harold) father was Clarence Leslie Sypher b 27 Dec 1879 – does that sound right? Good to meet you cousin!

      1. Trevor Angell

        I visited Sypher Cemetery in April 2018 and it was a total thrill! It was very surreal to see the things our people saw so long ago and truly get a feel for what their lives were like. I too am descended from John Tompkins Sypher the elder.

        My name is Trevor Angell, near Edmonton Alberta

        Cara, I must also Thank You for the post regarding the LDS baptisms you previously mentioned in your story. They have helped me fill in some blanks about the Sypher Family lineage!

  4. Elizabeth Thompson

    Fascinating reading! William Sypher and Petronella Storm are my 6th great-grandparents. Their granddaughter married a Brower, which carried down through the generations through to my mother.

  5. Kathleen Sypher Castagnetta

    I am a Sypher by birth. I am working on tracing my ancestry and keep coming to a dead end with David L. Sypher – my great-great grandfather born around 1813 – we think in Poughkeepsie but am having trouble verifying. He went to NYC and met his wife there and settled in Port Jefferson on Long Island. David and his wife Priscilla are buried in Port Jeff. I think we may be related – and am one day looking forward to visiting Sypher’s Cove. If you have any thoughts on if my relative, David L. Sypher is related to Lodewick Syphers I would be delighted if you could share. Some of David’s children used the ‘s’ on the end of Sypher. The research I have seen for the Poughkeepsie Syphers does not include a David born around this time. Thank you.

    1. Cara Jensen, former historical consultant & genealogist

      Hi Kathleen! My 3rd ggrandfather David Sypher is Lodewick’s grandson and was born in 1800 in New Brunswick and died in Maine. I don’t have any of my lines that stayed in Poughkeepsie, so don’t know about the Syphers that did. I found your David Sypher in the 1865 NY state census (Brookhaven) and he was listed as being from Poughkeepsie (pough?) Good luck with your search and hope my post could help a bit.

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