Wandering Wednesday: photo detective

I recently was sent a batch of photos from my Great Uncle Waldo’s collection – a great assortment of tintypes and 1880s-era photos – ONLY ONE WAS LABELED.  Sigh.  But I love puzzles so I’ve been saving this task as kind of an icing on the cake/reward for myself.  I’d like your help though – let me know if you think I’m on the right track.

On the left is a known photo of Martha Ford Fuller and her husband David Fuller.  I believe the person in the right photo is Martha Ford Fuller.  The earrings are the same in both photos and the hair part and other facial features are similar.  Yes?


The next one isn’t quite as much of a slam dunk:  again, the known photo of David and Martha Ford Fuller next to what I suspect is a younger David Fuller.  The beard/mustache growth looks the same, the hands are similar, the torso bearing is similar, the part of the hair is opposite, but similar (perhaps the photo was reversed?), and if you look closely, the watch fob is similar.  Thoughts?


They get progressively harder, as all puzzles do…   The portrait on the left is known to be Ansel Elifelet Syphers, his second wife Augusta, and their children Ralph, Marion, and George. I believe that Uncle Waldo’s photo on the right are those boys Ralph and George.  Look at the ears and the hair parts and the mouths.  Especially the unusual hair part of the little boy on the right.  What do you think?


Ok, I think this is getting easier as my eyes are getting attuned.  I’m pretty confident about this one.  Don’t know if you can zoom into this one, but the facial expression is the clue.  The family on the left is Addie Mae Syphers Magers and her children, ca 1906 taken in Devises, Kansas.  The right photo is Addie I believe.


I think I’ll take a break and get your comments, then take out the ones that are verified and try again!  Thanks for your help!


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