Tuesday Twigs: Wedding dresses

from personal collection

So this is my first cousin 2x removed Iona Kallstrom wearing the wedding dress of her grandmother, my great-great grandmother Marian Syphers Fuller (for fun?).  Marian was married to LeMay Fuller on 12 December 1883 in Scranton, Iowa.  This picture was taken in the mid-1940s, so the dress would have been about 60 years old – how vintage!

from personal collection

This is me wearing my grandmother’s wedding dress for my wedding in 1996.  Eleanor Johnson and Oscar Christenson were married 28 October 1940 in Mahnomen, MN.  Just as vintage as when cousin Iona wore her grandmother’s dress!

Even though I don’t have any pictures (yet!) of the original brides in these dresses, it is fun to see them being worn by the next generations.  Do you have any wearable heirlooms?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Twigs: Wedding dresses

  1. “Wearable heirlooms”– that’s a great phrase. How timely: I was just dithering last night over whether to donate a casual dress that used to belong to my grandmother. Now I think I’ll keep it and just make old new again!

  2. This is a great way to bring alive our past. We have my great grandmother’s wedding dress, but the only person small enough to wear it is my 85 pound, 4′ 9″ daughter. I will definitely post a picture of her if I can convince her to try it on. 🙂

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