Tuesday Twigs: Cold branches


tree” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  .christoph.G. 

I’m helping to organize a family reunion this summer and am trying to fill out those branches that the family has lost touch with over the years.  It is really challenging detective work to suss out living people and connections and places but the internet and social media are a godssend for research like this!

So the question is, once I’ve found long lost relatives on places like facebook, how do I approach them without sounding creepy or stalkerish?  I really do want to reconnect with them and let them know about our mutual family tree and the upcoming reunion.

Have you had success with the ‘cold call’ approach for long lost relatives?  What suggestions do you have for making the best approach?  Thanks for all your help and I’ll surely let you know how it goes!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Twigs: Cold branches

  1. Joan Schacht

    Definitely a sensitive situation in these times. I received an email once that said, Regarding a family reunion. Hi “cousin”. (Here she outlined a brief summary to the family connection.) I am helping with a family reunion blah, blah blah.

  2. NoelWalka

    I would recommend you start with the genealogical societies of which you are a member. Ask them if they would allow you to post your family reunion on their site. If they agree, in your email you can connect a link. I would think this would increase your chance of a response as it would legitimize your intentions. A second suggestion would be to create a Facebook page specifically for your reunion. You would then have the ability to control your friends and family as well as disseminate information. Best of luck to you.

  3. I think you could create a page, perhaps on this blog, that is devoted to the family reunion, including details of who, what, when, where and why, along with the potential date to be held, and to include links to LOTS of genealogy that shows how they are connected, or potentially connected to you. Having this all put together to share will help avoid the “who is the creepy person contacting me” part of the equation.

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