Timecapsule Thursday: Lester’s Music Building

So glad that Mrs. Lester fought to keep the building at 39th and Castleman – imagine what a thriving business district we might have had if more people had done the same!  The priority for destroying commercial and retail in favor of creating a ‘bedroom community’- like neighborhood in Shaw seems sadly shortsighted now.

23 May 1988 Lesters
23 May 1988 Post-Dispatch

2 thoughts on “Timecapsule Thursday: Lester’s Music Building

  1. randy@guidry-group.com

    I appreciate the stories and historical accounts of the Shaw district. This one in particular has a personal connection. I, along with my my 3 siblings at the time, took sing lessons from Herschel Lester. This would have been around 1957. He formed us to be the Guidry Family Gospel Group. Hershel would play piano for us at the StLouis House Auditorium which was located on Grand Ave and Park (or in that vicinity). We lived at 4174 Lafayette. We siblings went on to have a degree of success in the music industry together and as well as individually. Greg Guidry, my eldest brother was a successful songwriter recording artist, performing on American Bandstand and Solid Gold.

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    1. Cara Jensen, historical researcher

      Thanks for sharing your personal story – it really adds value to the historical fabric of the neighborhood. I’m glad I can help preserve these memories!

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