Tuesday Twigs: The Sploots

I was talking to my uncle this weekend and sharing the importance of documenting family stories and lore when he recalled an anecdote that piqued his interest about our Dutch roots.


photo courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

He was traveling in Amsterdam and while using the restroom, happened to see above the toilet, a sign that sounded to him like ‘sploots’-something.  Now in our family, we use the word ‘sploots’ to signify diarrhea, as in ‘having the sploots’.

I looked up Dutch toilet words and ‘lossloopplaats ‘ came up with picture of a dog sitting on a bucket (sorry the pic was copyrighted otherwise it would have been cute to post!), and a translation of ‘sloopplaats’ as ‘on the demolition’.

Not knowing the exact wording, or what my Dutch grands would have said, it does make a bit of sense that a word having something to do with toilets and demolition could be used as a pet term for diarrhea.  Also the evolution of the word over the years from ‘sloopplaats’ to ‘sploots’ is plausible as well.

I don’t know if anyone else uses this term, if it is indeed from a Dutch background, or it has been completely made up by my twisted family, but now I have the story out and documented for posterity.  Thanks Uncle!


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