52 Ancestors #12 – Family Naming Traditions

This week’s 52 Ancestors theme is “same”.  Upon researching my family and other people’s family lines, I often notice that the same names are passed down from generation to generation (making it easier sometimes to verify that you’re on the right path).  I’ve found that this trend had gone out of vogue in the past 50 odd years, but have seen it coming back with the rise of family “historical nostalgia” (?) for classic baby names.

Being a historical researcher and genealogist, my children bear some of our traditional family names – I’d thought to dig out the pictures of their namesakes and include them also.

My daughter’s middle name is Nicoline, named for her 3rd great grandmother Nicoline Marsine Møller, shown here with her husband Jens Peter Jørgensen.  They lived in the Aaborg region of Denmark in the late 19th century.

Jens and Nicoline Jorgensen; from personal collection

My son has 2 ancestor names gracing his middle name – Christen and Hallberg.  Christen Christenson is his 2nd great grandfather, and was from the Fertile, Minnesota area.  It was especially significant for me to include this name for my son as there are no more males bearing the last name Christenson left in my line.  According to Norwegian custom, the son takes his last name from the first name of his father; thus Hans Olson’s father’s first name would be Ole and thus his son would take the last name Hanson.  Girls did the same but using ‘datter’.  When immigrants came to the United States, they ‘fixed’ the name to make it easier.

Christen Christenson; from personal collection

Carl Severin Hallberg is my son’s Swedish 2nd great grandfather, who came to the U.S. when he was 2 years old.  He settled in Minnesota.

Carl Severin Hallberg; from personal collection

So I hope I’ve helped future genealogists find clues about links in my family tree as well as providing a rich reminder of family history to my children.

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