52 Ancestors #10 – The Storms of Sleepy Hollow

This week’s 52 ancestors theme is “stormy weather”.  I happen to have some storms in my background, but not of the rainy kind but Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam and Sleepy Hollow!

Dirck Goris Storm, my 8th great grandfather, was born in 1630 in Utrect, Netherlands and immigrated to North America (I was about to say United States, but that designation wasn’t around yet) in 1662 with his wife Maria van Montfoort and their 3 young sons.  He received a land grant in the new town of Haarlem and became Secretary of Brooklyn in 1669.

“Manual of the Corporation of the City of New-York,” 1863The Harlem waterfront as it appeared in 1765. The steeple of the Reformed Low Dutch Church can be seen at the far right. Just below are what appear to be headstones.

Dirck moved his family up the Hudson to the Philipse Manor tract in Westchester County in 1697, and that was where his family settled  and expanded.  The tract encompassed 52,000 acres of prime Hudson riverfront and was used as center of agriculture for the Dutch settlers and their families.

Dirck Storm was the first recorder of the Old Dutch Reformed Church of Sleepy Hollow and a prominent member of the Tarrytown community.

Old Reformed Dutch Church ca 1776 courtesy of http://maddiesancestorsearch.blogspot.com

I am so thrilled to find an account of Dirck’s life and times written by another cousin, Raymond William Storm, in 1949 and can’t wait to pore over every page!  My family is planning a trip to NYC this Fall and we will definitely be visiting the Philipse Manor,  Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and the Tarrytown area.  I can’t wait to walk the grounds of my Storm ancestors and imagine what life was like for them (hopefully there won’t be any “stormy weather”!


Storm, R. W.. Old Dirck’s book : a brief account of the life and times of Dirck Storm of Holland, his antecedents, and the family he founded in America in 1662. unknown: Reproduced by photo-lithography, 1949.

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